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Our mission is to bring you the fastest connection possible, period.
Our Story

Starlight Fiber is a  pure fiber optic Internet service provider. We strive to deliver our service with minimal effort to our customers with maximum satisfaction. We focus on what is important to bring you the fastest possible connection at a reasonable cost to you.

Your Freedom

We do not believe in limiting the connection of our customers. With Starlight Fiber you will never have a maximum download limit or reduced speed. We also believe in transparency which is why we do not have any hidden fees or extra charges that come as a surprise on your bill. The Internet was made to give people the freedom to access the information they want and communicate with each other, our only mission is to enable this. 


We only deliver services in pure fiber optic networks to achieve maximum stability and speed and minimum latency. Information end-to-end through the fiber optics is the fastest possible way to transmit data, and is the future of Internet connectivity.


Lighting fast Internet

Starlight Fiber offers the fastest speeds on the market at competitive prices.  Other providers may complicate their offering with additional services and hidden fees, but we like to keep things simple. Our mission is to provide you with the fastest possible service at the best possible rate. 

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, and good digital infrastructure is key for their success. We provide support for small and medium businesses to upgrade their network speeds for a smooth operational experience, at a competitive price. 


Connect your home


With our fiber based Internet services you have endless possibilities to connect your home with smart technology. Bandwidth and latency will never stop you! 

"The fastest product
in the market"

Contact Us

If you are an existing customer please contact Customer Support or login to your account

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